Red Dot Scope vs Night Vision Scope: Which One Should You Get?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding red dot scopes/sights. But, the term “red dot” encompasses three types of optics, specifically the reflex, prismatic, and holographic sights. On the other hand, night vision sights do what the name suggests–to help with night hunting. So, which one should you get?

This is quite a tricky question as the Vortex red dot scope models available on the market today are wide-ranging and cover various price points. Meanwhile, ATN also has the same proposition for night vision sights. However, the most important question is if you want to hunt during the day or at night as you really can’t use a night vision sight at day. So, if you’re still unsure about what scope to get, here is a comparison of both of them.

Vortex Red Dot Sight

The Vortex Venom Red Dot has a shockproof body and can survive heavy recoil even from a shotgun. The single-piece chassis of the Vortex red dot scope is light and has an O-ring seal. It prevents debris, dust, and moisture from entering into the scope.


  • The Venom has an advantage as it is lightweight and very compact. So, it doesn’t hamper your firearm’s performance because of its weight.
  • It has a top loaded battery compartment, so you won’t have to re-zero as often.
  • The multi-coated lens makes the dot and images clearer.
  • It is built to survive different environments.
  • It can attach to any firearm.


  • The side mounted controls can be bumped when using a sling or holster.
  • The adjustment of the windage and elevation is not accurate.

ATN X-Sight II 5-20X

The X-Sight II is powered state-of-the-art technology. It has an obsidian core that is very fast. So, in simple terms, the ATN day night scope will process your image information very fast.


  • It has GPS which is useful for geotagging and determining the elevation.
  • It is built to withstand the elements and harsh conditions.
  • It has a range finder and ballistic calculator which makes it easier to target and have accurate shots.
  • The images and videos are very clear, and it has a built-in HD display.
  • It has a compass and barometer to guide you in the field.
  • You can choose between a wide range of reticle options.


  • The night vision scope is heavy at about 5 pounds.
  • It’s a bit expensive but the performance and features can make up for it.

Can Red Dot Scopes Be Used with Night Vision?

A lot of red dot scopes can be used with night vision. Although the brightness settings can make some targets very visible through night vision gear, not all red dots have a low enough brightness that is compatible with them. Luckily, ATN Australia has scopes that are compatible with red dot scopes from other companies. So, if you need this feature make sure that both of them are compatible.

If you want to purchase a Vortex red dot scope or an ATN night vision sight, be sure to visit https://www.thebarn.net.au/Products/RZR-2001+Vortex+Razor+Red+Dot+3+MOA+Scope/8398 to get great prices. The Barn is known for having a complete collection of firearms and other hunting goods that most hunters in the country need.

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